Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF)

ICAF or MGPS for Box coolers – Box coolers are always potential fouling victims. Barnacles, mussels, algae and other types of shellfish grow on the box cooler and therefore affect its heat transfer function. Vessels operating in coastal waters run the greatest risk. Our Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF) system or Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) Will guarantee the effective prevention of this type of fouling.

The operating principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. As the copper dissolves into the seawater, an environment is created precluding fouling and protecting the box coolers. The power unit of the system ensures that the copper anodes add the exactly required amount of copper particles to the seawater. Perfect protection is guaranteed under all conditions and the amount of dissolved copper is minimized to prolong the service life of the anodes.

ICAF or MGPS for Intakes & Strainers – Seawater intake pipe work systems always suffer the from fouling. Removing this type of biofouling in the pipework systems invariably increases the maintenance costs considerably. Vessels sailing in coastal waters are at the greatest risk. Our Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF) system or Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) is the best option to prevent this type of fouling. The copper anodes of our ICAF (MGPS) system mounted in the sea chest or strainer are connected to the power unit; this power unit has a complete set of controlling functions and guarantees the amount of dissolved copper as required to be added to the seawater is the lowest. The service life of the anodes is prolonged to the maximum and perfect protection is assured under all conditions. In most cases, along with the copper anodes, aluminum or soft iron anodes must be installed to protect the pipework against corrosion.

As the expert in the protection of box coolers and seawater intake cooling systems for many decades, we can assure the long-term perfect operation of the system. All data can be downloaded to an external computer and transferred through the Internet for checking. System adjustments can also be easily made via the same procedure by uploading.

Advantages of the ICAF of MGPS power unit

  • Automatic correct installation check including alarm function
  • Touch screen operation in all main languages
  • Remaining service life indication of the anodes (+ alarm function)
  • Interactive with seawater pumps via several digital inputs to save anode material
  • Downloading-/uploading via SD
  • History of all data in years
  • Low voltage/short circuit including alarm function
  • Polarity check for anode identification including alarm function
  • Connectable to the Ship Management System via RS485 and RS232 (optional)
  • Identification Sense Unit (ISU)

Our latest development is specific for our ICAF systems and called ISU (Identification Sense Unit). This technical feature ensures a fail-proof installation.

ISU (Identification Sense Unit) makes every single ICAF anode unique by matching it with a unique channel in the ICAF power unit. The ISU print is integrated into each ICAF anode and pre-programmed and tested at our production facilities. Also future features are possible to make the system even smarter!

During the start-up of the ICAF system, an automatic process is triggered and all connected anodes will be scanned. If an anode is connected at the wrong location, an alarm notification will be displayed showing that the configuration is not consistent with the line diagram.

ISU for ICAF will save you

  • Time (because installation is 'one time right)
  • Fouling
  • Worries
  • Money
  • Downloading-/uploading via SD
  • ISU for ICAF supports you to keep your focus at your goal!

If you need our assistance, we can take care of commissioning your ICAF system at location. Contact us to discover your possibilities!